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Why Choose Us

One stop shop

Planning a shoot abroad? You’re in the right place. We can fix your shoot anywhere in the world thanks to our reliable partners.
We have experience working in over 22 countries and growing.

We adapt to your budget

No matter how big or small your project is, our role is to make it work within your budgetary restrictions and adapt to your needs.

One single contact person

It doesn’t matter whether your project involves several countries or just one, we provide one single point of contact to ease the communication and make sure everything goes smoothly. We guarantee the service.

We make complex simple

Filming abroad is no easy task. It involves dealing with permits, customs sometimes, local crews, local equipment, reliable local fixers, etc. We take care of everything.

We guarantee the service

We take responsibility for your project. You can rely on us to make it happen!


With approximately 48 hours to turn around shoots in Madrid and Barcelona, we got in touch with You Ask We Fix, and thank goodness we did! Tamim and Sonia were incredible. They fulfilled every single request (no matter how big or small) and they really took the pressure off the UK production team. Trust was built immediately. They were always two steps ahead, very easy to communicate with, and generally very lovely folks. I hope I get the chance to work with them again soon!

Thanks again for being brilliant.


Production Manager, Formidable Entertainment
Tamim, Sonia and team came on board a TX pilot Betty produced for Channel 4. We filmed in Mallorca for a week with 8 contributors and needed a team of fixers to location scout, research and source local crew. The project was the definition of last minute in terms of the time we had to set it up and also knowing what we needed to film. The format was ever changing so we didn’t know where or what we wanted to film until a few days before. Both during set up and on the shoots, their expertise, patience and ‘can do’ attitude was invaluable to making it all happen. Nothing was too big or too small. They all worked incredibly hard and to a really tight budget, which they wholly respected throughout. We could not have done it without them. I cannot recommend them enough.


Production Manager, Betty Ltd

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